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Is the OneAD app legit or fake?

The previous day, I was searching for the same and i came across a very decent article reading that. First of all, yes it is legit, it pays you. IT IS NOT AT ALL FAKE.

But the chain system will lead you begging other people for downloading the app.

You can earn in onead app through 10 levels. You will earn approximately 6Rs per referral. Moreover, you will earn about Rs.3 when your friend too referral anyone.

SO it becomes a chain, and this referral process goes on.

Terms and Conditions of the app-:

Terms and Conditions-

1) New users should register on onead app with onead referral code :“RTHVAU” (most important) to get the signup bonus.

2) Users can earn referral money upto 10 levels of referrals.

3) Users can earn maximum Rs 2,50,000 per month per account.

4) For getting referral money your referred friends must be an active user to the onead app.

5) Also you must be an active user to get daily referral money from upto 10 levels.

6) Share your referral code to get your friend under your onead sponsor id.

7) Do not use any unlimited hack tricks, fake accounts, fake joining, onead scripts and other fraudulent activities it may block your accounts and earnings and many more causes.

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